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2014 Mazda6 - a 3 week review
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:47:46 PM »
So a few months ago I got a letter in the mail from Mazda regarding my mazda2. It says they want to borrow it for emission testing through some third party organization and then the following:

•             A new Mazda to drive around for the duration of the test. (about 3 weeks now, maybe longer who knows!)

•             Said Mazda dropped off at my house with full tank of gas

•             150 dollar check upon vehicle return

•             Mazda2 returned at my home (or wherever I’m at ) with full tank of gas

•             Mazda2  cleaned/washed/vacuumed upon return

I know many of here are drooling over the new styling and being mazda biased I was as well, but I’m going to my best to give you a good glimpse.  SO when it was time and ready for this test, all they had was 2014 mazda6’s , boo hoo… /sarcasm.

First, the exterior. I mean just look at it! This one is the grand touring trim which means it is fully loaded, sat nav, sat radio (which I hate) auto leveling (horizontal and vertical) gas discharge bi function pes unit or to you people not in vehicle lighting, HIDS that move when you turn and adjust when you hit bumps as to not blind oncoming traffic. It also has radar cruise control, Bluetooth, heated leather seats, auto trans, blind spot warning, back up camera, auto dimming mirrors (rear and driver) sunroof and 19”s with MSRP 32k

It looks like a big bodied car but it doesn’t drive like one, it feels more stable and nimble than it appears. I felt like an onramp god with this thing (in comparison to my m2) However this effect kind of reminds me of old muscle cars, big on the outside and small on the inside…

Because of the styling there is a lack of trunk space, I loaded this thing up to go camping up in Northern Michigan and I felt that my 2 carried more.


You can lower the rear seats but it’s not so easy, you have to pull a level by the trunk lid then somehow get in the trunk and push the seats forward or get a 2nd hand to help out. But I can fit a bike in the back easier than in my mazda2 and that’s a hatchback! Also I don’t scuff up the hell out of the interior because the bike is too big for the rear portion of the car like in my m2. Or I’m just doing it totally wrong.

I’m 6’4” and I fit in the car very nice, even with the sunroof, I probably have enough room for a helmet to do a few autoX days with it (if its still around). Seats fit excellent and provide great bolstering, the red stitching makes it look a lot classier.

The fit and finish is great and there is a lack of screens (I prefer buttons) and everything feels like it is where it should be, nothing is too far to reach and the nav unit is touch screen so you can poke away at the address you want instead of having to use the mouse wheel in the center console. Not to mention a full gauge cluster with needles (however no water temp gauge, but nobody seems to do that anymore…) This is why I like mazdas partly is their interior, its simple and effective.And then the performance! Also took this down some very curvy. Fast and flowing gravel Michigan roads and with the stability control off and gearbox in manual mode, it handled very well and was very fun  The auto trans itself is a 6 speed and is very intuitive but I was still able to confuse it at times (or it confused me) Then again everything feels fast when you daily drive 100hp but with proper gearing and 184hp it gets out of its own way well and I can pass people on the express way without the fear of dying. Overall though on my 20 mile commute it felt nice not having to clutch all the time inching in traffic congestion.

 Look how much room there is for a turbo… granted this model does come with a 2.2TT diesel, the current manifold is a 4-2-1 design.Some say (read mazda)… you can get 40mpg.

Here was todays commute, it is possible but damn is it boring and you have to be VERY gentle on the gas and not in a hurry to go anywhere. Normal driving is about 33-35 mixed which is better than my 2 and it weighs about 800lbs more. With no traffic and the cruise set at 80, heated seats off, no AC and windows up 36 mpg was easy. This car has great aerodynamics (probably why it gets good high speed mileage) and wind noise is very low and very tolerable with windows down.   What I didn’t like was they didn’t give me a manual (low production #s) and all the diesel stuff/trim/NO WAGON FOR USA… and options of course but it’s a free car! How can I be picky? I felt that the steering wheel was too small and there is no mute button on the wheel, even my 2 has that and it a very nice feature! The radar cruise control is nice but I used to work for these with semi trucks and they cause havoc when they go wrong, also you can run manual cruise control. The radar strategy is apply brakes and is quick to downshift to catch up to speed, rather than just let off the gas. My friend following me up north camping said it looked like you were just riding your brakes gently nearly everywhere. More trunk space or easier way to lower rear seats would be nice. Being 6’4” means you really don’t fit in any vehicle other than a big truck very well, I felt this with my seating position. The door is pretty small width wise so it makes it awkward to rest my left arm/elbow while driving, luckily the right arm rest moves forward/backward but utilizing this and operating the steering wheel can be an ergonomic challenge of trading comfort between limbs.  Another thing that was bizzare was when you set the cruise control at speeds above 40mph they would differ with the GPS. IE if you set cruise at 80, GPS said you were doing 81…

Overall I really liked the car and I am anticipating the diesel version, however you cannot get grand touring in manual which means you can get cloth or leatherette.  The real leather is really nice but I know myself and leatherette will probably be better for me because I can get messy. The handling, power, stereo, comfort and ride quality was all excellent and it was hard to improve on the last mazda6 and fusion platform but it really kicked it up a notch on all of the levels… The keyless entry is neat but its weird not getting your keys out to get in the car with the pushbutton, VERY handy when getting groceries though. There is plenty of power for the daily driver in you with enough to have fun on the weekends, it handled Detroits pot holes and E36 M3ty roads, road noise is pretty low and the car is happy medium, my back doesn’t hurt from the ride and I’m not stressed out over the vehicles performance and lack of throttle response but the auto trans could hide some of this. The Bluetooth is simple to use and you can set it up while moving (unlike the camry) sport comfort I would call it.

 I still have this car for the weekend (as far as I know) I will take more pictures or answers questions upon request 

 If this is TL;DR just look at the pictures and make a funny comment like WHEN LSX SWAP?