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Welcome new users -
« on: September 03, 2010, 08:21:37 AM »
Welcome to the Michigan Rotary Club's New Member Section. The following is a set of rules and hints to help you adjust to these boards.

The first section, Introduce Yourself, is introduce yourself and is self explanatory. Please include an actual name.

The second section, How to use the board, is a great place to post questions on How-To and general forum questions, such as attaching pictures, using the search feature to find past posts on questions, or changing your signature.This section is not for Automotive questions but for things related to using this site.

If you have technical related question, please post that in the appropriate technical thread found on this board. We do recommend that you use the search features and read the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) there first. They are a wealth of information that has been gathered over the years, distilled down to an easy to read format.


All members are able to reply to any thread.  If your post does not appear, please do not resubmit it immediately. If after three days your post is still not shown, this probably means it was not approved. Please see the Why Was My Post Not Approved heading below.

Why Was My Post Not Approved?

There are a few reasons why your post was not approved. The most common are as follows:

  • You posted a "Want to buy" or a "For Sale" thread. These are not allowed in the New Member Section. Please post these in the suitable Classified section. 
    You post did not appear well thought out or was vague. Show us that you care enough to spend the time to put together a new thread. If you simply put "Hi my name is Bloggins and I like Rx-7s" we will not approve it. As a general rule, try for at least three well constructed sentences.
    Try to use proper English. This isn't your high school yearbook, or public restroom. Stuff like "n e 1 gots sum lambo dors b cuz dat iz balla" won't fly here. If I personally see it I will delete it, or if I'm in a good mood, I may attempt to translate. I'll probably use big hot pink text though, so watch out.
    You posted a message solely to increase your post count. Posts like "I'm just increasing my post count," "rotary RZ-7 ftw" or "Post 3 for me" will be deleted.

    Threads devoted to other competing forums (as described above) are also prohibited and can be deleted without any notice. Direct links or referencing to other competing forums are also prohibited and may be removed at any time.
    Spam, advertisement, vulgar or offensive posts will not be approved. Depending on the nature of the post you may also be banned.
    For the first 5 posts, no Location Icon was used or, if not available for your geographic location, a location wasn't used in your thread title.
These rules do not just apply to new threads. Replies to existing threads consisting of a simple "Hello" or "Welcome" will usually be deleted.
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